Win32::Event - Use Win32 event objects from Perl


Win32::Event - Use Win32 event objects from Perl


        use Win32::Event;
        $event = Win32::Event->new($manual,$initial,$name);


This module allows access to the Win32 event objects. The wait method and wait_all & wait_any functions are inherited from the Win32::IPC module.


$event = Win32::Event->new([$manual, [$initial, [$name]]])
Constructor for a new event object. If $manual is true, you must manually reset the event after it is signalled (the default is false). If $initial is true, the initial state of the object is signalled (default false). If $name is omitted, creates an unnamed event object.

If $name signifies an existing event object, then $manual and $initial are ignored and the object is opened.

$event = Win32::Event->open($name)
Constructor for opening an existing event object.

Signal the $event and then immediately reset it. If $event is a manual-reset event, releases all threads currently blocking on it. If it's an auto-reset event, releases just one thread.

If no threads are waiting, just resets the event.

Reset the $event to nonsignalled.

Set the $event to signalled.

Wait for $event to be signalled. See Win32::IPC.


Christopher J. Madsen <>

 Win32::Event - Use Win32 event objects from Perl