lwp-download - fetch large files from the net


lwp-download - fetch large files from the net


 lwp-download [-a] <url> [<local file>]


The lwp-download program will down load the document specified by the URL given as the first command line argument to a local file. The local filename used to save the document is guessed from the URL unless specified as the second command line argument.

The lwp-download program is implemented using the libwww-perl library. It is better suited to down load big files than the lwp-request program because it does not store the file in memory. Another benefit is that it will keep you updated about its progress and that you don't have much options to worry about.

Use the -a option to save the file in text (ascii) mode. Might make a difference on dosish systems.


Fetch the newest and greatest perl version:

 $ lwp-download http://www.perl.com/CPAN/src/latest.tar.gz
 Saving to 'latest.tar.gz'...
 1.47 MB received in 22 seconds (68.7 KB/sec)


Gisle Aas <gisle@aas.no>

 lwp-download - fetch large files from the net