ActivePerl -- Release Notes

Welcome, and thanks for downloading ActivePerl. This release corresponds to Perl version 5.6.1.

Please note that ActivePerl 600 series builds are NOT binary-compatible with the older 500 series builds. In particular, do not attempt to use extensions or PPM packages built for the 500 series builds with ActivePerl 600 series builds and vice versa. This build is binary compatible with previous 600 series builds.

Binaries for the following platforms are available:

For a granular list of the changes included in this release, see the ActivePerl Change Log.


The following list is a general summary of the known incompatibilities between the 5.6.1 source code release and earlier releases. Be sure to consider these very carefully before upgrading.

Known Issues

All Platforms

Linux and Solaris


Further Information

The Perl distribution comes with extensive documentation. On Unix platforms, all the standard documentation is installed as man pages under the Perl install location. The location of the man pages may need to be added to the MANPATH environment variable in order to access them. For example, in the C shell:

    % setenv MANPATH /usr/local/ActivePerl-5.6/man:$MANPATH

The documentation is installed in HTML format on all platforms. If ActivePerl was installed in /usr/local/ActivePerl-5.6 then the HTML documentation would be located in /usr/local/ActivePerl-5.6/html.

On Windows, the standard documentation along with Windows-specific Perl documentation is installed in HTML format, and is accessible from the ``Start'' menu.

Updated versions of the HTML documentation will always be available at the ActiveState website:

Reporting Problems

Please report any problems you encounter with this release at the following location:

If you do not have web access, reports can be also sent via email to Please be sure to include detailed information about the platform in your message.

As far as possible, please ensure that there is enough information in the report to reproduce the bug elsewhere. It also helps to submit a minimal test case that exhibits the bug.