ASPN Perl combines the most advanced Perl programming technology, tools, and information.

Perl Dev Kit
A suite of essential tools for Perl programmers. more info

Komodo IDE
A complete, powerful development environment. Includes the popular Regular Expression (Rx) Toolkit. more info

Visual Perl
Within Visual Studio.NET, Visual Perl provides a full-featured Perl IDE that includes a rich syntax aware editor, method tips, online help, and debugger support. more info

The weekly newsletter that highlights recent developments in the Perl community, distilled from all significant online news sources for Perl, including a list of each week's important new modules and utilities.

Knowledge Base
Categorized, searchable, indexed documentation and reference materials for Perl, Python, XSLT, and Tcl. At the ASPN Perl level, this reference material includes nine popular O'Reilly Perl books. more info

Code Repository
ASPN Perl users have access to our Perl Code Repository.

ASPN Perl users can contribute and comment on recipes in ASPN Cookbooks. more info

ASPN Perl: $495 per user.
ASPN Perl users enjoy access to essential programming information, ActiveState's suite of productivity technologies, and regular updates for a year.
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Upgrade to ASPN Perl: $395 per user.
Registered owners of any previous version of the Perl Dev Kit receive a $100 discount when upgrading to ASPN Perl.
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Enterprise Pricing
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